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VARESE is the right solution for meetings and team building in natural and rural settings between LAKES and MOUNTAINS, only a few kilometers from Milano Malpensa International Airport 


The experience of living one day at a farm: working together side by side without the desk and without walls, assisting their colleagues and contributing to sowing the soil after the field is prepared. Being involved in practical and real work, with the animals or the fruits of the earth surrounded by a natural landscape at the lake.

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Lake Varese, meeting, start and finish at the FARM GAGGIO the neighboring area x Activity
8-10 stages of which 4-5 provided with short drive (3 km)
by car or on foot with stops along the way
A treasure hunt with photographic journey in search of unusual images of the shore of Lake Varese between Cazzago Brabbia, Galliate Lombardo and Gaggio thanks to the clues that will be reported and delivered.
A journey through portraits of the lake and illustrious inhabitants, the discovery of fisheries architectures, and the magical nature of the banks with the fauna that live there.
The old fisherman's work and its tools, the artistic presences that live in the tranquility of the small coastal countries, will be the goal of finding a treasure whose value is already in the original journey and unique.
Two local experts will guide the path so funny and cute with ironic and witty signs, all designed to play together, a "hunt" which will have its epilogue around a table to taste the typical products of our terra..a.nche their "treasure" to discover.

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An outdoor activity to strengthen team spirit, unity, improve empathy, communication processes and working together towards a common goal. Many adventures to strenghten the link between colleagues and overcome their limitations.
A TEAM BUILDING while HIKING COMPANY immersed in the surrounding nature, an interesting and innovative opportunity thanks to the curious questions included in each stage.

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